Your Karma Dashboard - it’s the brain of your experience with us. It’s where you check your usage, see who has connected, how much you’ve earned, and more. It’s your own personal space, and it should feel as close to home as possible.

With that said, we’re about to make the account experience that much better. We’re going to eliminate the current dashboard that you know now, as we’ve been creating a whole new way for you to keep in touch with your account.

The New Karma Dashboard is now a part of our home page, giving you easier access. We’ve refreshed the design to match a cleaner, more organized feel, and we’ve added a bunch of new features that you have been asking for. No really... a bunch.

New Karma DashboardNew Karma Dashboard

These new features include:

  • Add data… with the click of one button!
  • Complete history of your shared connections.
  • In-depth and accurate view of your usage history.
  • Add an email login.
  • Easily modify your: password, billing information, profile photo, email preferences.

Add dataAdd data

We’ve also split up the page into three sections: Dashboard, Account, and Billing/Usage.

  • The Dashboard section will contain all of your data usage and sharing history.
  • The Account section will contain your personal information, email preferences, and settings.
  • The Billing/Usage section will include your billing information and detailed usage history.

Billing and UsageBilling and Usage

By bringing you closer to your account, we hope you are able to feel as if you have more control over your Karma, as well as a better overview of how you use it.

So that’s your New Dashboard. Now, go play around with it!

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