Prior to a recent revolution in working routines, the standard office desk was the main connection to our daily jobs. While this method is still very much utilized today, times have certainly changed. Our thought process of how one works best is beginning to become more open. We have begun to realize a typical desk space is not always the right answer for everyone. Creating high quality work depends on the individual and their own particular methods.

With the internet among the most vital part to our everyday jobs, we can become less-attached to a desk now, more than ever. But, our need to access the internet can slowly pull us right back to that desk. Don't let it! With the little WiFi companion we offer at Karma, you now have more freedom in your daily lives. You need WiFi to work and we provide that for you. A match made in (internet) heaven.

We're big advocates of working from unique spots, wherever you may find them. So, with the weather slowly warming up, what are the advantages of working outside?

  1. Fresh Air- Working outside will get you out of that stuffy office and into some fresh air. Your office may be nice, but it is inside after all. When you're outdoors, take a few deep breaths. You will revitalize your mind and give yourself a little energy boost.

  2. Stimulation- Depending on your location, the outdoors can bring a lot of noise and action. Cars, dogs, planes, parades. Who knows what else you will encounter. While this may be distracting if you allow it to be, a new, energetic environment can be great for jump-starting your mind. This can lead to more creativity and better ideas.

  3. Connections- This one is a no-brainer. There are plenty of people in your office, but chances are you already know most of them. Throwing yourself into the wild will always increase your chances of meeting new people. You never know who you might meet. Maybe your next best friend or a potential client. Maybe Alec Baldwin.

  4. Breaking Routines- Your office is probably a fantastic place. Your co-workers may be the best around. But, routines can eventually wear on you without you noticing. Changing your scenery and routines can be a good remedy to a stale work week.

The experience of working from a new location can be invigorating. Of course, it is not for everyone. We absolutely recommend trying this out if you never have. When you do, let us know your experience!

If you do work outside often, we'd love to hear how it helps you work better. You can even fill us in on your favorite spots. We'll keep them a secret, maybe...

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