When you're building the website of a mobile provider, one thing is very important: the coverage map. It's how your potential customers know if they can use your service when they need it.

So we decided to put a lot of care into it, as you can see here. We also thought of numerous ways to analyze your results. One of those ways is a tweet button. If you search the map for coverage, and you find an area where coverage is lacking, you can tweet us the place with the hashtag #morekarma. What comes next is the exciting part.

We pull all your replies in using Poptip. They specialize in handling large volumes of data from Twitter extremely well, and have done so successfully for companies like Pepsi and EA Sports. After getting in the tweets from them in an easy format, we put it all in BatchGeo. It's an incredibly easy mapping service, that still has handy advanced features like geocoding and clustering. They look at the location you've mentioned in your tweet, attach a coordinate to it, and put it on the map above.

It's obvious to us that there are some interesting locations where we need to provide coverage for you guys. Look at Canada for instance, the UK, or parts of Michigan and Oklahoma. We'll be working on this over the next few months, and will share these results with our network partners as well. So thanks for all your tweets! Keep it coming.

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