The holidays are approaching fast. Presents and gifts abound. But at Karma, the giving never stops.

With the sharing feature on your hotspot, we’ve been giving away buckets of free data to you for quite some time now. We’re like the Santa Claus of WiFi, except we don’t break into your house once a year.

But, you shouldn’t be limited to earning data in only one way. What if you convinced a few of your friends to buy their own hotspot? We would have to thank you somehow, it’s only fair. That’s why we’re going to introduce our new Referral Program!

Here’s what the Karma Referral Program will look like:

  1. Share your unique URL, located in your dashboard.
  2. Get 500MB of free data for every person that buys a Karma Hotspot with your link.
  3. Those who use your link will also get 500MB. (Plus 100MB for signing up.)
  4. Track your progress using the referral tracker in your dashboard.

It’s that easy. We’re basically challenging you here; how much data can YOU earn?

Go share your referral link now.

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