Well, it's time. Beaches are emptying. Ice cream counters are closing up shop. The novelty aisle at the grocery store is stocked with Halloween candy instead of pool floaties. We have to face the sad fact that Labor Day, and summer as we know it, is over.

There is a silver lining to this dark cloud of seasonal transition. We're extending #ShowYourGo to September 23 to give even more of you the chance to enter.

Quick rundown: We ask you to post your photos of your best Karma Go locations to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ShowYourGo. We pick our favorite every week. The winner gets 5GB of data, we'll post the winning photo to Social Media, and you'll feel a great sense of personal accomplishment.

We've had 6 winners so far, which are all up on our Instagram feed. But we wanted to show off some of our other favorites, too. You've brought your WiFi so many places off the beaten path and taken some choice photos along the way. For those who haven't entered yet, get inspired.

A well-earned round of applause for all of you. You can get your inspiration fix on Twitter or Instagram. And when you enter, may the odds be ever in your favor.

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