Your Karma Go is soon to be on its way, or perhaps you've already received it. Your late summer travel plans are ready. Maybe, if you’re one of those really organized types, you’ve even got your bags packed. You’re off to do great things in even greater places, and we want to see your photos.

For the rest of this summer, you are officially invited to show off. Here’s how it works: post your pics on Instagram or Twitter and tag your Karma Go photos with #ShowYourGo. Don’t forget to tag us too—@KarmaWifi on Instagram, and @YourKarma on Twitter. We’ll pick a winner every week to feature on social media, plus you’ll get 5GB of data on us. You've got the next five weeks to blow us away.

We’ll choose the best photos from all over the country and hopefully collect images from as many far-flung places as possible. So get out to the beach, go camping, visit your parents, try a restaurant you've always wanted to eat at, hop in an RV, hike a mountain, and take your Karma Go with you. We’re more than happy to join you for the ride.

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