By Steven van Wel September 24, 2015

Tomorrow is the day

Shipping resumes this Friday

The great news you’ve been waiting for: a new batch of devices has arrived at our shipping headquarters in California, and the crew there is working hard to process that new inventory quickly. They’ll be ready to ship out to you tomorrow, so be on the lookout for shipping notifications in your inbox. Keep in mind that we’re going to continue shipping in the order that each purchase was made.

This batch of 4,000 contains enough devices to fulfill all of our orders from mid-May up until the end of August. We have another batch queued up to ship to the US; those will cover the orders placed in September and any remaining orders from August.

Thanks again for hanging in there – we’re excited to ramp up to our regular shipping rate again and deliver some much-needed WiFi to all of you.

See you all next week.

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