It’s been a quiet week for shipping. As we reported last week, we were finishing up our latest batch Karma Go units and planned to ship them out this week. However, we hit a snag with getting our latest batch of devices shipped to the US due to a minor logistical issue. We’ve been working to resolve the issue all week.

Great news: things are sorted out now and this round of manufacturing is done. Those units are scheduled to arrive in the US next week. That means we can pick back up with regular shipping, and get the remainder of our pre-orders out the door.

What’s New?

This week, our photographer friend Wesley Verhoeve took Go to the test on the West Coast. Wesley travels all over the country and is part of a huge community of fellow creatives who enjoy the freedom of working in locations outside the traditional office.

Wesley used to spend a lot of time in coffee shops as a freelancer, which was limiting, since WiFi there was sluggish or sometimes nonexistent. "Ever since I started carrying around my trusty little Karma device these limits have been lifted," he says.

This week's #ShowYourGo winnerThis week's #ShowYourGo winner

To give everyone a shot at winning, we’ve also extended our #ShowYourGo contest two more weeks. You can take a look at some of our favorite submissions so far to get inspiration. We’ve seen Go show up in some crazy places over the summer, from a safari park to the US Open. And as more and more of you receive your WiFi, we expect to see Go show up even in even more unexpected spots this fall.

What’s Next?

Be on the watch for more shipping notifications in your inboxes next week. And thanks for your patience while we’ve been getting this fresh batch ready to send. See you next week!

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