Shipments have slowed a bit this week as we wait for the latest batch of Go devices to arrive at our warehouse from China. We manufacture our devices in groups of about 5,000 at a time so we can keep a close eye on quality, but each batch takes time to finish up, ship, and make it through customs. Once this newest batch of devices clear, we’ll have more than enough to fulfill the remainder of pre-orders (and then some).

We’re running about a week behind on shipping out pre-orders, and we’re bummed to keep you waiting. But we’ll pick back up to our usual shipping pace next week and will be able to speed through the remaining orders pretty quickly.

As of right now, we’re up to orders placed in mid-May, and those who placed orders in the end of May, June, and July should expect to see shipping notices next week.

In the meantime, Go has been showing up all over the map on Instagram and Twitter, from powering the CalTrain in the Bay Area, to whitewater rafting in North Carolina, to a Van Halen show in Cincinnati. Rock on.

We also saw Go help report a break-in and serve up WiFi at annual gaming festival PAX.

Our biggest goal with Go was to fix the coverage issues we saw with Classic. The feedback we’ve been getting shows that Go is doing its job. You’re able to stay connected on public transit, at big sporting events, on that camping trip in the woods—everywhere.

We’re looking forward to finally getting all of our remaining orders out the door within the next two weeks. To those of you still waiting, thanks so much for your patience while we get there. We think it will be worth the ride.

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