By Steven van Wel February 19, 2013

Rename your Wi-Fi

More options, better sharing

Look at this little guy. He's all yours. In fact, he already has your name. Mine is called Steven's Karma. Anyone looking for Wi-Fi around me can see that name in their network list, and connect to my hotspot.

Some of our customers had some suggestions for changing the Wi-Fi name. Why not put the word "free" in there, so more people will understand that they won't have to pay for access like with most connections? Or why not leave a personal name out of it completely so it sounds more standard, formal, and perhaps even dependable? The answer to both questions is: yes, why not!

So starting today, you have two extra options to name your hotspot with. Mine is now called "Free Karma by Steven", and I've already noticed that more people are now joining my hotspot as a guest. You can also select "Karma Wi-Fi" if you'd like. We hope it helps you get more guests on your hotspot, and as a result more free data of course. 100MB at a time.

Go ahead, and rename your Karma hotspot in the Settings page of your dashboard. Let us know what you think in the comments, or on Twitter or Facebook.

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