Karma is all about sharing and making connections—to the point that we hand out 100MB for free any time someone else jumps onto your Karma WiFi signal. In celebration of that love for sharing, we’re launching a brand new blog series called The Overshare, where we get the inside scoop from your favorite NYC startups and learn what actually goes on behind closed doors. That means plenty of juicy office gossip and behind-the-scenes photos. Naturally, we think it's only fair for us to go first and fess up about all things Karma.

It all started when our Brand Director, Peter Sunna, designed our business cards. He asked us to name our favorite things from the internet, like blogs we read, apps we use, and memes we love. Since we work at an internet company, we were more than happy to oblige.

Of course, those very public answers were kept (mostly) politically correct. You know how there’s that person you creep on regularly on Facebook whose profile you actually shouldn’t be looking at? Or that certain location-based dating website you spend way too much time on? We all have those apps or windows we immediately close if someone walks by. To kick off The Overshare, we did some investigating to find out what sites were left off the business cards—the stuff the Karma team doesn’t want you to know what we really do online.

Welcome to #TheOvershare.

Robert, COO
"Ookla Speedtest. I’m walking around with a Karma LTE test device and testing the speed of the network at least five times a day. It has become an obsession. I can probably better tell actual speeds of the Sprint NYC LTE network than the network engineers at Sprint."

Stefan, CTO
"Battlestations subreddit. Enough said."

Peter, Director of Brand Experience
“Facebook. Because I guilt trip myself into thinking it eats up time that could be spent better.”

Katya, Office Manager
“I got addicted to the game 2048—my plan is to delete it once I reach 4096 and I've gotten SO CLOSE. But I'm not there yet.”

Liz, Community Manager
“I am obsessed with the Relationships subreddit. There is something very comforting (and very embarrassing) about reading about other peoples' dramatic trainwreck relationships.”

Jessie, Communications Manager
“My ex-boyfriend’s Instagram.”

Klaaspieter, iOS Engineer
Birdbrain, basically a follower-tracking app, because I value my number of Twitter followers more than I should.”

Dave, Copywriter
“Sometimes, I follow a link and it goes to Thought Catalog. Then I find myself on there for awhile...isn’t it a girl site?”

Sjoerd, VP of Product
“I go to the Van Moof tumblr too often. It’s like creeping on an ex-girlfriend” (Note: Sjoerd used to design bikes at Van Moof).

Let us know your overshares by using the hashtag #TheOvershare. And look for our upcoming interview this week with the team at Casper.

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