We resumed shipping last Friday with a small group of orders and have been progressively ramping up those shipments this week. Lots of you who pre-ordered in May, June, and July have been seeing the shipping notifications roll in, which is really exciting.

What’s New?

Yesterday was a big day for us. We sent out the most devices we’ve ever shipped on a single day: 1,126 of them. That’s huge.

This helped us get through orders up until the beginning of July, and we should finish up July orders today. It also means that we’ve really streamlined our device activation process at the distribution center, which will ensure shipping remains smooth for future orders, too.

Now that Go has been out in the world for a couple of months, we’ve been hearing some great stories about how you’re using the device, like this one from Kasey on Twitter:

What’s Next?

Next up, we’ll start shipping out our orders from August as early as this afternoon. We’re almost all caught up, and we’ll be able to start sending our September orders as soon as the next batch of devices arrives from overseas.

Thanks again for all your patience—can’t wait to see where you take your Go this fall. Keep the feedback, photos, and Tweets coming.

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