By Steven van Wel June 25, 2015

On the edge of our seats

Waiting for the call

Last week we only had one test holding us back from completing Candidate 2. We provided the lab with the necessary fixes to get that test unstuck. Now we're waiting for confirmation that the test is complete, which would mean all tests are complete.

Once that news comes in we'll be able to share a ship date. We'll let you know as soon as we know!

First generation meets new generation

Last week we had one of our first-generation Karma customers, Craig "App Man" Caruso, test out a Karma Go in Chicago. He seemed to enjoy himself:

Craig was in Chicago for a convention, and managed to score 1.8GB of free data from 18 people connecting to his Go. Craig described his experiences in a comment on our last update post:

The battery life lasted the full day of the convention and I had users connected to it for the the full day.

He also found Karma Go had no trouble staying connected as he traveled around the city. We spent a lot of time getting tower handoff and 3G to 4G switching right, so it's great see it working for a real, live customer.

Stay tuned!

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