Last week, we entered the realm of 2015 pre-orders. This week, we’re deep in the swing of spring. As of today, we completed 16,000 shipments which is 80 percent of all pre-orders. That brings us to end of March. By next Monday, we’ll start shipping our April orders.

In the true spirit of summer, Go has been showing up at a bunch of sporting events, rooting for everyone from the Jets to Roger Federer. We’ve also heard some great feedback on the Go experience.

That’s music to my ears. Our ultimate goal is always to get you online as quickly as possible and then get out of your way, so you can go about life without worrying about your WiFi connection. Now that Go is out in the world, we’re seeing that vision come to life. Keep sharing your photos and your feedback—that’s how we’ll keep improving.

What’s New

One customer, Clay Allsop, wrote an excellent article about his experience using his new Go. He makes some great points about Karma’s spot in the sharing economy:

I never volunteered my own resources. But the Karma Go changed that. It gave me something that not only do I find immediately useful, but that automatically helps out other folks.

It’s a different way of thinking about Go’s sharing capabilities than we usually see—a way to participate and give back to the sharing economy (and benefit from it) so that it doesn't intrude on your day-to-day life, like offering up your car or your home does.

What’s Next

Next week brings us into early summer orders; April, May and all of June pre-orders will be on their way. After that, we’ll dive into July and August. That’s a huge milestone, and I can’t wait to celebrate it with all of you.

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