The Karma team is full of people who know their way around an airport. A good chunk of our employees are originally from the Netherlands, or still live there, and have become professionals at plane-hopping and working on-the-go. We even once famously made asked our Android engineer Ankur to fly to Hong Kong one afternoon to pick up a round of really important Karma Go samples. He didn’t bat an eye.

With all this traveling, we've amassed quite a collection of gear and gadgets for life on the road, and thought we’d deliver a round-up of our favorite travel items before the holidays hit. Whether you’re going to be jet-setting throughout the season or need a gift idea for your wanderlust-y friends and family, you’ll find something on this list that makes your life easier.


Tile is a crazy-useful little gadget that you can attach to pretty much anything to keep track of it, meaning you can eliminate that moment of panic when you pack up your hotel room and realize your passport is nowhere to be found. Pop Tile on your luggage, in your wallet, on your keychain, or even on members of your travel party (much less embarrassing than putting your child on a leash) and track them all from the Tile app. You can also have Tile play a sound so you can easily find stuff that goes missing in the couch cushions. It’s like Find My iPhone—for your entire life.
($70 for a 4-pack, Tile)

Voyager Bag from This is Ground

This is Ground crafts beautiful, handmade leather tech gear from their HQ in Los Angeles, and their Voyager bag is the penultimate weekender for tech junkies. It’s got a special front pouch for all your tech-ccessories, plus a dedicated pocket just for a Karma Go (there’s even an option on the This is Ground website to buy your Voyager pre-equipped with a Karma Go). Admittedly, Voyager comes with a hefty price tag, but the it’s absolutely the most luxe tech-focused weekender bag you’ll find, made from 100% premium leather and constructed locally in LA.
($725+, This is Ground)

Cordito from This is Ground

For high-end tech organization at a much lower price from This is Ground, grab a Cordito cord and plug rollup. Rather than tangling up in the bottom of your bag, all your cables will neatly roll up inside the Cordito (much like burrito made of buttery, buttery leather). They also include a pouch for headphones or other doo-dads to make your organization complete. ($49+, This is Ground)


GoToob is a squeeze-friendly travel tube that actually allows you to get at the body wash or shampoo you’ve stowed away. Unlike most hard plastic travel containers, GoToob is made out of soft, squeezable silicone. And it’s fully compliant with airport security regulations for carry-ons. Our Graphic Designer Kate doesn’t leave home without it.
($17.99+ for a 3-pack, Human Gear)

Polaroid Cube

For a fun, portable camera, our Brand Director Peter recommends the Polaroid Cube. It’s tiny, takes HD video and 6MP still photos, and comes in a basic version or a WiFi-enabled Plus version so you can upload or stream on-the-fly. It can attach to a variety of surfaces with a magnet at the bottom, or you can choose from a wide range of Polaroid accessories like a waterproof case and a swivel mount.
($99.99, or $149.99 for WiFi-included option, Polaroid)

Micro USB <-> Lightning Cable

The life of a Karma employee who uses iOS devices is one full of cords. We need to have a micro-USB charger on our person to charge Karma Go, but we also need a lightning cable to charge our phones and iPads, which is why my bag is a bottomless pit of cords (yes, I am a prime candidate to own a Cordito). This nifty little cable will run you a mere $10.99, and will ensure that you never grab the wrong cable again, since you’ll always have both with you.
($10.99, Amazon)

Belkin SurgePlus

Karma CEO Steven swears by this charger for traveling. It packs quite a multi-functional punch in a small package; it’s both a surge protector and a wall adapter that can power up to 3 AC devices at once, plus two USB devices. It also swivels out of the way, so you don’t have to be that guy blocking precious outlet space at the airport or hotel lobby (you know who you are).
($29.99, Belkin)

What are your go-to items for traveling? Let us know in the comments.

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