This week, the Karma team is hanging out at SXSW giving out Karma Classics on the spot at Austin hotels. We often struggle to find the words to truly express how much we hate hotel WiFi. There's the insane fees, the barely-functioning service...just, no thank you. Instead we’re staging our own silent protest by rescuing people with our WiFi connections.

There’s another company in Austin who’s serving up products on demand to get conference-goers out of sticky situations. In fact, they've been hailed as the savior of SXSW for the last few years. Mophie provides a range of solutions for powering devices on the go, from cases that charge your phone to battery packs that can juice up a variety of gadgets. This year, they’re bolstering their reputation as the rescue squad of SXSW and shaking up the conference with something completely different.

“We wanted to continue that message but do it in a unique way. And we thought...dogs? Everybody loves dogs,” said Mophie’s Marketing Manager, Media, Kevin Malinowski.

That’s how the idea for #mophieRescue was born.

St. Bernards enjoying their personal Mophie tentSt. Bernards enjoying their personal Mophie tent

Here’s how it works:
Your phone inevitably runs of out battery power from all the Instagramming, texting, and Google mapping you’re doing at SXSW.
You Tweet a screenshot of your dying battery and your location with the hashtag #mophieRescue.
If you’re in range of their central location, Mophie dispatches a St. Bernard (yes, a real St. Bernard) to save you from the blank screen of doom. You can track the pup’s location just like an Uber driver from a special interactive map that Mophie created just for the event, and along with an experienced handler, the dogs deliver Mophie products to give you the juice you need.

So just to be clear, in this analogy, SXSW is the Swiss Alps, and the Mophie power that rescues you is the traditionally-depicted barrel of brandy around the St. Bernard’s neck.

“The co-founders of Mophie are huge dog lovers, so it’s even more of a great fit than people might know about,” Malinowski told us. “Even the name Mophie came from a combination of two dog names, Molly and Sophie,” who belonged to a former owner of the company.

In this analogy, SXSW is the Swiss Alps, and the Mophie power that rescues you is the barrel of brandy around the St. Bernard’s neck.

It was only appropriate, then, that Mophie partner with the St. Bernard Rescue Foundation to make all of this happen.

“Turns out there’s a big need for St. Bernards to be rescued all over the country,” said Malinowski. “All of the dogs here are rescue dogs from Austin and already placed in loving families.” The pooches being used for the SXSW are all well acclimated to the Texas weather, and they’re show dogs who are trained to be around people. The Mophie crew has a full staff of dog owners who are more than qualified to handle the gentle giants on a leash, and the dogs are kept cool and comfortable all day at the Mophie lounge.

The definition of giving puppy-dog eyes.The definition of giving puppy-dog eyes.

In the end, the event is just as much about rescuing dogs in need of loving home as it is about awareness about the brand. Everyone who takes part in the stunt is encouraged to visit to find out about adoption opportunities in their state.

The Mophie Rescue project is an example of a marketing stunt gone right. It’s a combination of doing good, technical innovation, and creativity, and it’s making for an unforgettable experience at SXSW—all because your phone was dying.

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