These days, we’re always on the move, it seems. From home to work, from meeting to meeting, from the commute to your weekend. With most of you living life on-the-go, you’re not tied down to a single location anymore. You’re always moving and you’re constantly becoming more mobile. Now, we are too.

Recently, we’ve been working on ways to create a better Karma experience for you. An experience that is simpler and one that provides more clarity. So we’ve decided the best way to do this was to create a Karma mobile app, starting with the iPhone. You may even remember a sneak peak of our initial app idea that we posted a while ago. But rest assured, it’s come a long way since then!

Karma for iOSKarma for iOS

In making the app, we’ve listened closely to what our community had to say, until we recognized what was most important. Things that rose to the top were:

  • Signal status
  • Battery life
  • Data
  • Shared connections

They’re the basic, but most important aspects of your hotspot. We wanted to take this information, and make sure it was easily accessible in one single location. No need to stress about battery life anymore. No need to worry about running out of data. Want to see who is connected to your hotspot right now? Easy! Everything is right in front of your eyes, in an easy to digest design.

With the app in your hands, this quick access will also greatly improve the way you interact with Karma on a daily basis. After you power on your hotspot, you’ll have little need to fiddle with it again. Unless you want to show off your device to friends, of course.

This may seem like a very lightweight app and that’s because it is. Hold your reservations though, this app is and will always be a work in progress. We will constantly keep adding features that are important to you and never stop improving upon existing ones. What’s up next for the app? A store feature. If you need to add more data, it will only be a swipe away. We'll also add a push notification option. You can choose to be notified if someone joins your hotspot, if your battery needs charging, or even if your data balance is low. Expect this in the coming weeks!

So sit back, relax, and imagine how much easier your life is going to get with the new Karma mobile app. Now, stop imagining, because it’s a reality.

Are you excited? We hope so.

“I have an Android phone!” No worries. You’re up next.

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