From the road, to jury duty, to the local coffee shop, we love to see and hear where you’re getting online with Go. Keep sharing your stories with us and your connection with the people around you… it’s awesome to see.

What’s New?

As of today we have shipped all orders placed before August 27. With over 20,000 Go’s in the wild, we’ve seen a big increase in daily connections. We love getting you online, but seeing you share your connection with others is what makes Karma unique. It’s in our DNA and we’re excited to see such a boost in shared connections now that almost all Go’s are rolled out.

Karma Go heartbeatsKarma Go heartbeats

Karma Go periodically collects status information (e.g. battery level, signal strength, and shared connections) and relays that to our backend. We display this information in our mobile apps in realtime so you can access it. Our MQTT server processes more requests every day now.

What’s Next?

We’ll start shipping orders placed in September once the incoming batch is processed. When that’s wrapped up we will turn on next-day shipping and can finally get Go in people’s hands the day after they order.

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That guy who cleans the desks at Karma and sometimes tells people he runs the company