As tech enthusiasts, we’re always looking for different ways to approach technology. Whether that be with the adoption of the newest device or grasping onto a simple trick that will make life easier.

Did you know that you can fully utilize your smartphone, without using any cellular data? Sounds like a dream right? No overages, no roaming charges. Just you, the internet, and your phone. Well heres how.

You can use a little feature called Airplane Mode.

iOS Airplane ModeiOS Airplane Mode

Now, you may think that Airplane Mode is only for airplanes. (What would give you that idea?) But, you can actually use it as a tool to save money and avoid the many frustrations that tag along with the usage of a cellular carrier. It is also availble on both iOS and Android. Neat.

Android Airplane ModeAndroid Airplane Mode

When you turn on Airplane Mode, it will disable all wireless and cellular features. With that, your internet connectivity will be non-existent. But if you just turned off all wireless features, how does this help you? Well the trick is, you will want to go manually turn on your device’s WiFi signal separately in settings, while still leaving your device in Airplane Mode. Yes, you can actually do that!

So now, your phone will not use any cellular data from the carrier you are contracted with. It will only use the internet via the WiFi network you connect to.

This is perfect if you want to:

  1. Save money with a cheaper data plan.
  2. Avoid out-of-control roaming rates when traveling overseas.
  3. Ditch your suffocating data contracts and go carrier-free.
  4. Save battery. Your phone will charge faster and last longer.

In fact, even our very own Co-Founder and CEO Steven van Wel only uses his iPhone in Airplane Mode. He’s been in Airplane mode for the past 12 months, actually. He doesn’t have a data contract with any carrier and his main source of internet is, naturally, his own Karma!

Here's what he says:

"I always carry my Karma with me everywhere I go, which allows me to constantly have a WiFi source. Being in Flight Mode for 12 months makes you realize how little traditional voice and text is necessary these days. FaceTime is my number 1 way to call home and connect with my wife and kids. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have replaced texting. And with Google Voice, my New York number rings through to Hangouts on my Nexus, Chrome, and iPhone all at once. It couldn't be any easier or more functional."

One of our own customers, Pablo Defendini, also wrote a piece about not using a traditional voice plan anymore. One of the main tools he uses to achieve this is his very own Karma. Go learn more about his experience.

Thinking of trying this yourself? All you need to do is pick up your own Karma and download some simple apps. Go experiment!

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