The team at Karma is a creative bunch, and that means they have some really unique ideas for gifting this holiday season. Nobody wants to be the person who has to resort to a gift card (or worse, socks), so we surveyed the crew to get their top picks for gifts that will please even the most special snowflakes on your list.

Sjoerd Smit, our VP of Product, is gifting the Secrid Cardslide wallet (€ 34.95), a beautifully designed solution for organizing your cards and cash. It’s made in the Netherlands (just like Sjoerd!) but you’ll find this genius little wallet at select stores in the US.

Amanda Bensol, VP of Marketing, has a few suggestions. Her go-to gift is Dropcam ($199), a handy home security camera made by the folks who brought you Nest. “It's perfect for any new parent, business owner, or caretaker,” says Amanda. “The ability to see what's going on at home while you are miles away reduces the crazy amounts of anxiety that could otherwise exist!”

Dropcam Pro home security camera, $199Dropcam Pro home security camera, $199

Amanda also loves Bombas socks ($9/pair). Ok, we know we already knocked socks as a holiday gift, but these are different. Amanda says, “These are my favorite socks! I gifted them to almost all of my friends and family. They are affordable, amazingly comfortable athletic socks that will change your feet forever.” That’s a lofty claim for socks, but we think they’d make an amazing stocking stuffer.

One product that made the list for several of our team members was Little Bits. They’re sort of like electronic legos—and they’re the easiest way to learn how to make hardware prototypes that actually work. You can make your ugly Christmas sweater even uglier with LED lights, program your own smart home, even build a mini Mars rover! Our writer, Paul Miller, has his eye on the Arduino Coding Kit ($89), and Product Designer Arneice Hart is grabbing the Korg synthesizer kit ($159), admittedly as a gift for herself (we’re not judging).

The Little Bits Korg synthesizer kit, $159The Little Bits Korg synthesizer kit, $159

Senior Product Designer Alan Dickinson is all about quality goods made by his talented friends this holiday. His buddies over at The James Brand make knives ($275) designed to last a lifetime and see you through all your adventures. He also recommends candles handpoured in Brooklyn by Good Candle ($16-45) and says he’s partial to the campfire scent, which sounds equal parts rustic and cozy.

Office Manager Katya loves giving food-related gifts. Her first pick is a subscription from Craft Coffee ($24.99/month), a service that delivers fresh coffee from independent roasters to the caffeine addict of your choice. She’s also whipping up some homemade vanilla extract in pretty jars to give to the would-be chefs in her life. Get the recipe here—it’s surprisingly easy!

We hope this list inspires you to go out a grab some outside-the-box gifts this year. Or, you know, socks. Socks really aren’t all that bad. And don’t forget to let us know what unique holiday discoveries you’ve made!

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