Here at Karma, we’re proud to be born and built in New York City. In addition to Broadway, Wall Street, Karma HQ, and Pizza Rat, NYC is also host to one of the world’s oldest and most frequently-used subway systems. On a single day in September 2014, it was recorded that 6.1 million people rode the subway—a single day! That makes New York’s transit system the busiest by far in the United States.

Given all this traffic, one of the questions we’re most commonly asked is, “Why can’t I get online while my subway train is sitting idle in the station?” For the past few years, with such spotty coverage, Karma hasn’t been able to offer reliable WiFi underground. But that’s rapidly changing.

Karma Go piggybacks off a cellular signal from Sprint. Where Sprint has LTE or 3G service, Karma Go has service. This year, Sprint launched a hugely successful initiative to bring connectivity to the underbelly of New York. And despite previously lagging behind the other big cellular companies in the subway service department, Sprint now has more stations on-air than any other carrier. In fact, in the past three months alone Sprint turned on 36 stations, bringing the current total station count as of October 12 to 83.

And that means in 83 subway stations, you can get a WiFi signal with Karma Go. We must say, the map is pretty impressive:

The Karma subway expansion doesn’t stop there. Sprint has committed to covering the entire New York subway system with 4G LTE by 2017—279 stations in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. So whether you’re traveling to your long distance inter-borough significant other or commuting from uptown to downtown, you’ll have WiFi at every station stop. In the very near future, there will also be additional bandwidth support for select high-traffic stations in Manhattan and Queens to offer faster data speeds in those locations.

With 24-hour subway service in a city that literally never sleeps, station services will outfit riders with much more connectivity than ever before. So with signal capabilities growing to more and more stations, you’ll never wait long to reconnect. The expansion launches us into whole new spaces in our city, and we’re so excited to see this project explode over the next year or so. Anyone with a Karma in New York can now get things done in even more places—both above the ground and under it.

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