You might think it’s possible to live without the internet—after all, the human race somehow did it successfully for thousands of years. But the ubiquity of the internet has completely changed the way we work (and play) to the point that it’s incredibly difficult to go without. A few months ago, we chatted with the team at The Square Foot, another NYC-based startup, about their internet struggles, and we think they put it best: "In today's world, the internet and the ability to quickly and easily access it are so embedded in basic business functions."

Ironically, we’ve struggled a lot with our own WiFi internet at Karma. When we moved from a shared co-working space to our own office, we signed up for cable internet with Time Warner to get our WiFi signal, which dropped constantly. The chorus of, “Is the internet working for you?” followed by, “I’m hopping on your Karma!” came to be expected in the office at least 2-3 times per day. It’s a plaintive cry for help that probably sounds familiar to anyone who works in an office building.

If (or, more likely, when) an outage happens, we can batten down the hatches and still get through the workday.

We now use TWC’s fiber internet as part of an exclusive package for businesses, but we still use that unreliable cable internet as a backup, and our Karma devices as an additional backup. If (or, more likely, when) an outage happens, we can batten down the hatches and still get through the workday.

Karma has come to be a solid option for backup for lots of our users. The best part is you don’t have to feel guilty if it sits in a drawer until you need it, since you won’t be paying monthly for data. Internet’s down unexpectedly? Grab your Karma, fire it up, load it up with some data, and you’re back online.

Go is also a great companion for moving. When you cancel an internet subscription at one location, it might be a few days or even weeks until you get your internet installed and set up at your new place. Rather than pacing around cursing the cable company for not arriving during your scheduled slot of "sometime between 7AM and 9PM", bust out your Karma and pass the time with an epic run of Sporcle quizzes instead. We guarantee it will be much more relaxing.

Having a backup option for internet isn’t just a good idea; it’s pretty necessary. If you have any great stories of a moment when Karma saved you in a pinch, we’d love to hear them. And next time there’s a service outage and Go saves the day, let us know with a tweet and tag #KarmaToTheRescue.

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