By Dave Ford January 14, 2014

Karma Team Productivity Tips

How we work

As our lives seem to constantly grow busier, we’re always looking to be more productive. Were in a constant state of betterment, always searching for those next great hacks on how to improve.

At Karma, we all have our own working styles. Each team member is different in the way they work and what tools they use. We wanted to offer just a few of our favorite productivity tips, and even which apps we use, to accomplish our daily goals. We hope this may even help you work smarter and more efficient.


  1. Taking notes, always. Calls, conversations, meetings, etc.
  2. Specific inbox folders - Keep mail organized
  3. Live by the calendar. Jot down accurate meeting information and always keep it up-to-date

Favorite Productivity Apps: Wunderlist, 1Password and Google Docs


  1. Inbox zero
  2. Clean desk/desktop policy to eliminate distractions
  3. Use “Do Not Disturb” mode on iOS

Favorite Productivity Apps: Alfred and 1Password


  1. Use Boomerang Calendar app for gmail
  2. Have only one todo list. Never add dates to the list, just reorder important to less important
  3. Use Unroll to get rid of all junk

Favorite Productivity Apps: Clear, Sunrise and 1Password


  1. Have a multi-day rolling todo list and re-evaluate daily
  2. Chat and email are better than phone and voicemail - most of the time
  3. Write everything down - helps me to recall and keep track of my thoughts

Favorite Productivity Apps: Evernote, Google Docs and Week Calendar


  1. Focus on one thing / Eliminate distractions
  2. Ignore emails / Inbox zero
  3. Keep a list of things to do next, and immediately move on to doing that when you’re done.

Favorite Productivity Apps: Clear, Alfred and Dashlane


  1. Take regular breaks, be well rested
  2. When finding something that needs to be done, make a note instead of doing it directly
  3. Close tabs frequently, reopen only when needed.

Favorite Productivity Apps: Vim, ZSH, and a lot of personal customizations.


  1. Plan what you can ahead in order to free up valuable time later on.
  2. Drink lots of water, eat healthy snacks, and take breaks to clear your mind.
  3. Listen to music to block out all distractions.

Favorite Productivity Apps:, Sunrise, Buffer and Help Scout


  1. Use the pomodoro technique to stay focussed on a task.
  2. Organize applications in virtual desktops. You can do this with Mac OS X Spaces. One for work, one for email/IM and one for breaks/music/reddit.
  3. Make better use of your keyboard. Learn keyboard shortcuts for the programs and websites you use the most (e.g. Gmail Shortcuts and install Alfred for Mac OS X for extra hotkeys and actions.)

Favorite Productivity Apps: Simple Pomodoro, Alfred

What are your favorite productivity tips and apps?

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