By Dave Ford January 23, 2014

Karma Office Life

The startup day-to-day

Startup culture is a curious concept, going against traditional work methods in nearly every aspect. This makes it fun, yet daring. Each startup generally has it’s own, unique culture and ways, like us! At Karma, we love going against the grain and breaking some rules along the way, while constantly making sure we’re all happy, happy, happy.

We work out of Fueled, right smack in the middle of Soho.

We’ve got it all here: coffee, a wall full of candy, snacks, a popcorn machine, ice cream cart, drinks, and even homemade desserts throughout the week. The design is motivating and the meeting rooms are efficient. It’s a brilliant, energetic place to work and you should definitely learn more about the Fueled Collective. Now, let's take a quick walk through a day at Karma!

The Morning:

Some of us like it early:

While others like it late:

Each team member has their own comfort zone when it comes to hours. We all work differently, after all. Whether we arrive really early around 7:00 AM or later on around 9:30 AM, the hours are yours to choose. This gives each team member the freedom and flexibility to mold Karma into their ever-changing days, which we all appreciate.

No matter the hours of arrival though, we’re all usually here by 10:00 AM. That’s when our daily meeting is, of course! We grab a seat at a big table and each team member gives a quick rundown of what they’re working on. These meetings usually involve four things:

  1. Important team goals, achievements, milestones
  2. Coffee
  3. Jokes
  4. Coffee, again

Usually, the whole team is here for this. If not, no worries! That is what Google Hangouts is for.

Recently, we have also been experimenting with iDoneThis. It is a program that asks us, "What have you done today?" We'll enter our dones at the end of the day and receive an email the next morning with a digest of what each team member has accomplished.

After any daily meeting, the team will head back to work or even split up by the couches to chat with one another on more specific projects. You can even grab some chips or coconut water to indulge on while you get down and dirty with your laptop.


Lunch is one of the best perks at Karma. It’s also the best part of the day, some say. (By some, we mean everyone. Right? Don’t you love eating too?) We all like different types of food, so it can be difficult to get everyone on the same crave page. Some enjoy healthy salads and wraps, while others love juicy burgers and sandwiches. Finding one location that has it all, is key. Should we choose to eat in, we'll always use Seamless.

Lunch is also a fun time to have conversations about topics outside of work. Anything from sports, the tech scene, favorite TV shows, traveling, and more. Basically, whatever is on our minds that day.

The Afternoon Rush:

After lunch, everyone is refreshed and energy levels are usually soaring sky high. We plow through our projects and tasks, and rip apart our to-do lists like Bruce Lee. We may even break it up with an afternoon coffee break. If there's a new coffee shop in town, those are always worth a try.

Between a mix of friendly banter among team members, snacks, last minute meetings, and project cramming: the afternoons tend to pass by pretty quickly. After all, time flies by when you’re hav… okay, you’re right, that’s too cliché.

And just like that, the work day appears to be coming to a close. But, not so fast!

The Night:

Since we’re a small team here at Karma, we tend to always be connected throughout the day, even after we leave the office. Sometimes you need to finish up some work or an urgent situation arises that needs to be taken care off. It is pretty normal, though admittedly crazy, for some of us to be online at 3:00 AM still chugging away. Leave no stone unturned!

Want to join?

Exciting right! Everyday is different and you never know what you will run into. Want to join us here at Karma? (Don’t lie, we know you do). We’re always keeping our eyes open for smart, fun, creative people, and that could be you!

So end your job search

And shoot us a note if you think you’ve got what it takes.

What’s your office culture like? Let us know in the comments!

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