You may have heard about NYC-based startup Spring, the mobile shopping app that allows you to browse over 800 brands in one spot and get free shipping on everything. We’re very excited to announce that Karma is joining the ranks and is available on Spring starting today.

Remember how fun it used to be to go to the mall with your friends? Spring takes the idea of shopping as entertainment and brings it back in a big way, with a rich, easy-to-use app experience. It’s like being able to shop at the mall again, but this time in your living room. Or still in bed. In your pajamas. Add your payment and shipping info to your account in the app, and you can swipe on an image of a product to order it. While this is potentially catastrophic for your credit card balance, it makes shopping incredibly simple.

Spring is all about connecting its users with new brands. Karma makes its debut on Spring alongside some other awesome items in the tech gadgets section, including Bose headphones and the Apple Watch. Personalization is a huge part of Spring’s platform, too. When you sign up for an account, you’ll be prompted to follow categories and brands you like, so you’ll only see products you’re actually interested in browsing.

To kick off our new presence on Spring, we’re bringing you our employee Spring wishlist of all the things our thumbs have been itching to swipe.

Robert, COO

The Nest Thermostat

Juliet, Customer Support Agent
 Brixton Messenger Bag
The Brixton Messenger Bag

Peter, Director of Brand Experience

Axel Arigato Sneakers

Ankur, Android Engineer
Senz Automatic Storm Umbrella
Senz Automatic Storm Umbrella

Now if you'll excuse us, we've got some shopping to do. Check out Karma Go on Spring. We aren't responsible for any any damage to your wallet.

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