As college students around the country begin to say hello to their new semesters, they’ll have to say goodbye to something else: money. It’s no surprise that college can cost an incredible amount of cash, and we aren’t only talking about tuition. From books, to dorms, to transportation, to fun. College costs can be rough on the bank account, especially on young college students trying to pave their own paths in this exciting world.

The Rented LifeThe Rented Life

That’s why our friends over at BookRenter, the world's first college textbook rental service, have decided to start a neat social experiment. One that can be beneficial to all. They are trying to prove that a college student, David, can live comfortably on a very small budget. But how? By finding creative ways to cut his costs. Need to buy those expensive textbooks? Try renting them. Planning a weekend trip with nowhere to stay? Look into couchsurfing! It’s all about finding the best deal on the essentials. That’s where we come in.

Here at Karma, we were so intrigued by this experiment, that we decided to jump right into it ourselves! Like every student, David will certainly need WiFi in order to get all of his work done this semester. Since Karma is all about sharing and affordability, what better way to help David out than to get him his very own Karma hotspot! As long as he shares his hotspot with enough people, he will essentially never have to pay for data during his semester. Perfect right? With the massive community at David’s school, The University of Minnesota, we don’t think it will be very long before his data bank is overflowing with WiFi goodness. You can follow along with David during his semester.

What’s in it for you? BookRenter is offering a 10 percent discount on any order right now. You can either use this link or enter code KARMA10 at checkout. Enjoy!

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