Our first wave of devices has cleared customs, and arrived at our fulfillment center today. We're going to turn them around in 24 hours and get them to FedEx as soon as possible. By Monday some of the earliest pre-orderers will have a Karma Go on their doorstep.

To get you acquainted with your new Go, we put together a little video:

When will I get my Karma Go?

Everyone who ordered Karma Go before today will have their device within 45 days from now. We’ll send you a FedEx tracking number the moment your device leaves our warehouse.

We'll start out slow, shipping a few hundred devices a day, and once we verify our systems are working perfectly we'll ramp up to one thousand or so devices a day. We'll be working tirelessly to get every device shipped as soon as possible, and to make sure each customer has a perfect experience with their new Karma Go.

Inspecting the first shipmentInspecting the first shipment

Everybody at Karma is super relieved to finally be shipping. A lot has happened in the world since we first announced pre-orders last year! But our mission is the same: to get you online without hassle, and in that sense our job is really just beginning.

Thanks for sticking with us, we can’t wait to see what you think about Go.

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