Telling you about a launch delay is the last thing we want to be doing right now. We've been waiting to ship out Go to you for months. It’s beyond frustrating to say the least, and we know you can relate. A minor delay during these last few tests was always possible, but we stayed confident. Sometimes though, it’s not within our control.

This is only a last, small hurdle. We have the final version of Karma Go right here, in our hands and ready to ship. That is how close we are to being done. As we mentioned, we’re still in the middle of tests that the network requires us to pass. One of those is field testing (a part of LTE testing), where technicians take Karma Go to various cities and see if it works like it should. Due to a scheduling issue, field testing started later than we wanted. That moved our whole timeline out a few weeks, which means we'll most likely be shipping in May, instead of the April date we so strongly pushed for. It’s an obvious letdown, but nothing we can’t overcome.

Once the initial field testing results are in, Karma Go will enter the two final sets of LTE tests. There's also a week in between them for any last minute bug fixes, so minor issues shouldn't cause any other delays. We’ll start mass production soon after that first LTE test starts. It only takes about two days to build the parts and three to assemble them; that means we'll be ready to ship Karma Go to your door the moment the network tests are final. And that will be one very good day.

Go is ready and waiting for the green lightGo is ready and waiting for the green light

All signs currently show a May ship date. We can be more exact after a couple of weeks of the LTE tests, so look out for that around the second week of April. We can't give you an exact ship date right now, which we know is frustrating, but we still wanted to pass this new information on to you the moment we had it.

On the most positive of notes, our initial interoperability tests that we mentioned here are still on track.

Nobody on our team, or within our community, will be satisfied until we can finally press that ship button. We’re all in this together. But with field testing now in full swing, we’re barreling towards that finish line.

As always, we're happy to talk if you have any questions or concerns:

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