We're shipping! Yeah, maybe you figured that out already, but I just wanted to say it out loud. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing new customers receive Karma Go. We stopped selling the original Karma about nine months ago, so it's been a while since anybody had one of those all-important first encounters with something we built. And, even better, people seem to really like it!

These first impressions support my hunch that Karma Go really is something special. We've been pushing so hard to make this a seamless, perfect device. And from the reactions that are coming in, it seems like it's living up to its promise.

You get it. We're excited. Now, when do you get yours? Here are some answers to questions we've been getting this past week:

When will my Go ship?

Last week we said it would take 45 days for all pre-orders to be fulfilled. If no issues pop up, it will be even sooner — right now we're on track to ship out all 20,000 pre-ordered devices in 3-4 weeks.

The number of devices we ship grows every day. When we started last Friday, we shipped about 100 devices. We've ramped up to 500 a day as of this post. We'll be shipping about 1,000 units a day by next week. If we gave estimates, we'd have to change those estimates daily, and it would just be confusing.

We've ramped up to 500 a day as of this post. We'll be shipping about 1,000 units a day by next week

Right now we're still shipping orders from the first and second day of pre-orders, but once we get through that early spike, we'll start speeding through the calendar.

How does shipping work?

We're using FedEx Home Delivery, which takes 1-5 days, depending on how far you are from our California fulfillment center. For the first day's shipment we switched to next-day delivery. By expediting the first few devices we could confirm our system worked and ramp up shipments quickly — instead of waiting a week.

Why don't you ship all the devices at once?

Okay, you caught us, we're not doing everything we can to ship as quickly as possible. We are doing everything we can to make sure that Karma Go works perfectly out of the box for each new customer. This means our first priority is to make sure our systems work.

We bring people online at a steady pace to make sure there are no issues

For instance, in the very last moment before we shipped out the first devices, we discovered a sporadic activation issue. The solution was simple: activate the device at the fulfillment center, instead of asking you to do it before getting online. It turns out, by doing this to every device, we can shave between 30 seconds and 2 minutes off the out-of-box experience. And it totally works! We've had zero reported activation problems so far.

Also, Karma isn't just a hardware product, it's a software service, and it's important we bring people online at a steady pace to make sure there are no issues. If we find a hiccup (like the activation issue) a few thousand devices in? We can fix all the other devices before they ship. Shipping everything at once ties our hands if there's a problem.

At this point in the process, we feel comfortable ramping up the daily shipments with every day that goes by.

When will I hear from you next?

We'll keep doing these Thursday updates until all the pre-orders are filled. And if you want brush up your Karma Go knowledge, check out Liz's excellent Karma 101 series or read Forbes' behind-the-scenes look at how we launched Karma Go. Talk to you next week!

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