Last week's update was full of milestones. This week? No news is the best news. The fact that testing continues without issue at both the fourth and final interoperability testing lab and at Candidate 2 means we're making great progress. It's all the little tests that matter, and each day that goes by without red flags brings us closer to sharing a final ship date with you.

This week we sent an engineer to the interoperability testing lab to assist with some final tests. Things are running smoothly and we’re on track to finish interoperability testing by next week.

Meanwhile, at the Karma offices we've wrapped up load testing of our backend system to make sure we can handle the traffic when thousands of new Karma Go devices connect all at once. We've been working on this system for a while now, and it's running great.

I want to lift the curtain on the new boot sequence. Compared to our first-generation product, one of my favorite improvements that we built into Karma Go is its speed in getting from offline to online.

That's all for this week. Thanks for tuning in, and thank you for your continued support.

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