By Steven van Wel February 12, 2015

Karma Go passes pre-certification

On to the labs!

Another milestone to check off the list: we've passed OMA pre-certification! "OMA" refers to the "Open Mobile Alliance," which helps set the standards for wireless devices so they can work on a telecom network. Pre-certification is exactly what it sounds like: the certification that comes before the certifications. Basically, it's a suite of preliminary tests to see if Karma Go should pass the upcoming lab tests. It means Karma Go works like it ought to work, and now it's ready for the actual certification tests.

Certification is a process that every wireless device goes through. It determines that a wireless device is safe, works as advertised, won't interfere with other wireless signals, and, in the case of a cellular device like Karma Go, is compatible with a specific cellular network. Next week we plan to start interoperability testing and LTE network testing.

What does all this mean for you? Well, first off, pre-cert means Karma Go is a totally operable wireless internet device. And, secondly, it means we're still on track for our April 10th ship date. Below is an updated timeline. Let us know if you have any questions!

Karma Go shipment timelineKarma Go shipment timeline

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