It's 6PM on Thursday, right before a long holiday weekend. We just got off the phone, and I have some great news to share... We made it! We passed.

Last week, we were sitting on the edge of our seats. We knew we were close to finishing Candidate 2. And now we have confirmation: Karma Go has completed certification.

This is the news we've been waiting for. Karma Go had to pass a long list of independent labs to make sure it worked perfectly. It took a while. We had a hard time sharing useful time estimates, because the fate of Karma Go was in some sense out of our hands. But that's over now. I'm ecstatic.

What's next?

The good stuff. Now that we're back in the driver's seat, we're moving fast to get Karma Go shipped to you as soon as possible. The first step is flashing the final approved firmware onto every device. That will take about a week. Then we're going to ship the devices by air freight to our distribution center in California. It can take a few days to get through customs, so that's about another week total.

Then we start shipping Karma Go to you. We'll have all the details about the rollout in your inbox next week. This is happening, people!

Have a happy 4th, talk to you next week.

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That guy who cleans the desks at Karma and sometimes tells people he runs the company