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Yes, we’re still on track to start delivering Go in May.

Since our last update, we’ve entered all the final areas of network testing (LTE and field), and have found no major issues with Go. This means we can confidently continue to prepare for mass production while we wait for those test results.

We also completed a test run of Karma Go with our manufacturer, producing 300 of them. The production line is running smoothly, and each assembled Karma Go looks mint. More importantly, they're working exactly as they should be. And because of this success, we're going to manufacture the first 10,000 circuit boards this week—these are the essential parts that make Karma Go run.

Circuit boards ready for our 300-count test runCircuit boards ready for our 300-count test run

We’re waiting for a few more sign-offs on testing first, and then we can provide you with a firm ship date, near the end of this month. These last steps are all we need for the network to give us the green light to ship, which means it's just a few more weeks until you get to tear into the packaging and use Go for the first time.

We do have a large number of orders to fulfill once shipment day hits. To give you as smooth a delivery as possible, we’re going to be rolling out shipments in batches.

This is important: anyone who pre-ordered Karma Go has ultimate priority, and we'll be shipping out to each person in the exact order each reservation was placed. If you were the first to pre-order, yours is the first to ship, and so on.

To say we're excited for you all to start using Go would be a massive understatement. Stay tuned for an update from us on that solid ship date, and as always, drop us a line at if any questions pop up.

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