First off, I want to apologize for not communicating to you sooner. We wanted to give you something concrete, and now we have something concrete to share. And to everyone who has pre-ordered a Karma Go: Thank you for sticking with us this long.

We planned to ship Karma Go this month, but we can't ship Karma Go until it's perfect. We hit a snag about a month ago that threw our timeline up in the air, and now that snag is finally resolved.

What was the problem?

For a while now we've been testing Go with about 20 people at our office. One thing that really puzzled us is that it would somehow lose its connection a few times a day. You'd go into an office, or walk out on the street, and the internet would drop.

We traced this to a problem with the handoff between 4G (high speed LTE) and 3G (medium speed CDMA) networks. Karma Go would connect fine to 4G, and then when it tried to transition from 4G to 3G in a lower coverage area it would say it was connected, but it wasn't. Then, even if it found 4G again, it couldn't jump back online.

We knew what was wrong, but we couldn't figure out the why, and so for the past month we've been heads down, trying to figure out the cause.

And now here's the good news: it's fixed! After pulling out our hair for a month, we've found This One Weird Trick Doctors Hate for fixing 4G-to-3G handoffs. It was easy to implement, requiring no change to the hardware, and now Karma Go is working flawlessly. A trip from Manhattan to New Jersey with uninterrupted internet. WiFi on the subway platform. The dream.

What's happening now?

We don't have a solid date to share with you today. It's not that we're not close to shipping, we're really close. In fact, we've already produced 7,500 Karma Go units, and are making more at the rate of 1,500 a day. But we've given you wrong dates in the past, which sucks, and we want to learn from our mistakes.

7,500 units and counting7,500 units and counting

So here's where we are right now: Karma Go has cleared thousands of little tests over the last few months in Candidate 1, field tests, and network tests, and now that the handoff issue is fixed, the final tests should go smoothly. The final test suite is called "Candidate 2," where the network provider re-checks all the tests that have already been passed. A final once over. Candidate 2 testing is scheduled to start Monday, June 1st, and a couple weeks after that starts we hope to be shipping final Karma Go units to our distribution center. And then we ship to you!

If for some reason Candidate 2 testing is delayed, or uncovers new issues, that will push back the ship date, which is why we aren't making any promises right now. We don't expect that to happen, but we want to be prepared.

Our updated production timelineOur updated production timeline

When will you hear from us next?

At this point, each week brings us substantially more info about when we can finally pull the trigger, and we'll do our best to share that info along the way. The next email we send to you with a ship date on it will be the real thing, no more false starts.

After we're done with Candidate 2 testing, you will get an email from us to confirm your mailing address. Some of you have been waiting for more than 180 days for Karma Go, and you might've moved — I've moved twice!

We're also going to start a weekly series about how Karma Go works, detailing all the ways you can use it. This is to explain the reasoning behind Karma Go's unique features, and why we think you'll love it.

As always, we're happy to talk if you have any questions or concerns, so email us at

Once again, I want to thank you personally for supporting us for so long. Seriously, thank you. Everyone at Karma is passionate about this device, but we couldn't do it without your passion and support.

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