I'm excited to share we've passed the fourth and final interoperability testing lab! When we got the news, I pulled the whole team into the conference room. There was high fiving, and maybe a little bit of hugging. It’s been four long months of testing every little tiny thing about Karma Go at four separate labs, and finishing the process is a huge achievement. It means we get to add another little green dot to our timeline, and, just as importantly, it means we're just one step away from finishing Karma Go testing entirely. And then Karma Go will be in your pocket, and we can all celebrate together.

This is a good time to explain what "interoperability" exactly means. While Karma Go has a single chipset, and runs on a single LTE network, that network uses cellphone towers built by different manufacturers. Interoperability testing ensures Karma Go communicates, reconnects, and hops between, each tower flawlessly. “Handoff” can be one of the most difficult things about a wireless device. We’ve all been in places where we wandered out of cell coverage for just a moment, and when we try to wander back there’s no connection to be found. When it doesn’t work, it’s frustrating, and when it does work you don’t even notice it.

We've incorporated feedback from interoperability testing into our software along the way, and I can honestly say the Karma Go I've been carrying around in my pocket for the past week is the best performing hotspot I've ever used — and I've used a lot of them.

What’s next?

So now we're just down to Candidate 2, the network's mandatory re-check of all prior tests, before putting its stamp of approval on the device.

We've passed all but one of the Candidate 2 series of tests, and we expect the final test to be completed in the coming week. When that happens, and no other issues arise, it means we will have a ship date to share with you.

Testing has been a long road, and it's thrilling to be this close to the finish line. See you next week.

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