By Steven van Wel February 26, 2015

Karma Go enters testing labs

The final exam

Everything's still on track here in Karma land. The past couple of weeks have been hugely productive, and we're happy to report that Karma Go has begun the official testing process.

After passing pre-certification, and before everything shut down for the Chinese New Year, we manufactured a number of Karma Go devices to ship to the labs. Now that New Year celebrations are over, we can begin ramping up mass production while we wait for final approval.

There are two main buckets left for testing: interoperability, and LTE network. Interoperability testing is done by wireless infrastructure manufacturers, who want to make sure the device will communicate seamlessly with their hardware. LTE network testing is more about the device itself — step one, which we're in now, is called "signal conformance testing" — and will ultimately lead to final tests by our network operator.

Speaking of operators, Karma Go now communicates with the carrier API. That API allows it to do all the "Karma magic," like work right out of the box without activation, and let us charge you only for the data you use instead of the typical monthly fees.

We'll know in a few weeks if we're through this round of tests. In the meantime we'll be heading back to China soon to check on manufacturing. We're super confident we'll pass testing, and want to make sure everything is in place to ship Karma Go the moment we have approval. April 10th is still a lock.

Karma Go shipping timelineKarma Go shipping timeline

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