First, I just wanted to say I've been reading (almost) all the comments on last week's update. I love seeing how passionate everyone is. Positive or negative, it means you care, and it makes everyone at Karma that much more excited about getting Go ready to ship.

One thing you’ve requested in comments is frequent updates, so from here until we ship we're going to update you weekly. Starting now!

A week of progress

As of last week we had passed two out of four interoperability testing labs required by the network. This week, we passed the third, and we're on track to pass the fourth and final lab.

Additionally, last week we had preliminary results from official field testing (real-world testing of Karma Go in three US cities by technicians, separate from interoperability testing). I'm happy to say we've now completely passed all field tests!

Manufacturing is still on track as well. Last week we had 7,500 fully assembled devices, now we have 10,000. They still need to be flashed with the final version of the Karma Go software and put into packaging. During the tests we’ve been undergoing, we’ve been making small tweaks to the settings based on feedback from the labs, all to make sure performance is top-notch. That software can be considered finished once we have the stamp of approval from the final test: Candidate 2.

And that's the biggest news of the week: we entered Candidate 2 on Monday! It's a final once-over of the device, and once we pass it we can ship.

Charging up at our officeCharging up at our office

Oh, and if you'd like to see what else we’ve been working on behind the scenes, we've added a new Get Started page — a quick and clear guide on how to set up Karma Go once it arrives. We've also overhauled our Support Center with more answers and a new interface.

What's next?

It's a bit too early to share news about our progress in Candidate 2, but once we have a few more days of testing under our belts, we will share those results with you. Our next milestone is to pass the fourth interoperability testing lab. We don't anticipate any issues, since we already passed the first three labs with flying colors. We’ll still keep you posted.

Like I mentioned last week, we're going to hold off on sharing a ship date until we can be 100% certain of it. That said, the sort of progress we made this week puts us dramatically closer to that all-important moment.

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