One of the most consistent requests we got from customers who owned Karma Classic was for a pouch or a case. After all, a Karma can get dinged up bouncing around in the bottom of a bag.

When we held a focus group at our office a few months ago, almost all of the participants had some kind of case that they reserved just for their Karma device, which we thought was pretty neat. Karma owners care a lot about these little devices, and it shows.

The many ways to carry a Karma, as seen at our focus groupThe many ways to carry a Karma, as seen at our focus group

This time around, we included a felt pouch with Karma Go. It’s slim, so you can still easily fit Go into a pocket or a small bag, but you’ll keep that white casing so fresh and so clean.

We also included a custom magnetic micro-USB cable with Go. It folds up neatly, it’s branded with the Karma logo so you won’t get it confused with your other cables, and it’s just as sleek-looking as the Karma Go itself.

Both of these new accessories came about because of suggestions from our customers, so we want to hear about what other Karma accessories you’d like to see. Let us know in the comments section.

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