Irving, TX – March 24, 2017

Karma Mobility, the technology that let’s you take Wifi everywhere at a better cost than conventional WiFi providers, announced the launch of DRIFT, a best priced pay as you go service. At $3 per month and $10 per GB used. DRIFT bests the pay as you go market by $17 per month.

“This is unprecedented with the closest pay as you go service charging $20 per month + $10/GB used.” Noted Todd Wallace, Karma Mobility CEO. “We are here to disrupt pay as you go WiFi so that everyone can have affordable access whenever and wherever they need it.”

DRIFT customers also get a credit back for any unused portion of data at the end of each month Karma reports account set up is simple and easy and takes only a few minutes. Additionally DRIFT customers who share their connection get free data while sharing and earn a $1 credit for every guest that connects.

Customers can manage their account and data on their phone and via the web with the ability to change their plan at any time. Drift requires no contracts, has no hidden fees and customers can cancel at any time.

Drift can be used across the US in over 460 cities. It uses a 4G LTE connection and falls back to CDMA 3G in the most remote areas where 4G LTE coverage is not available. Users with a 4G LTE connection can download 6-8Mbps with peaks up to 25Mbps and upload 2-3Mbps. CDMA 3G speeds provide Download .6-1.4Mbps with peaks up to 3.1Mbps and Uploads of .35-5Mbps.

Laptops, tablets and phones can all connect within 100 feet of the Karma Go device which is small, sleek and portable weighing just 2.3 ounces and has a battery life up to 6 hours and 220 hours of standby time.

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