Today marks the end of the WiMAX network, which is the network our first generation device, Karma Classic, uses to get a signal. If you’d like to read more about why that shutdown is happening, head on over to this blog post. Keep in mind that this only affects you if you own a Karma Classic.

We wanted to fill you in on how this shutdown is going to work. Last night (November 5th) at around 11PM CT, the dismantling of the network began, with individual users being removed from the network one at a time. That process will continue throughout the day today and will finish up by 10PM CT. That’s why some Karma Classic users are already unable to access the network, and some are still able to get a signal. We’re not able to provide estimates as to what time your Classic will stop working, so be prepared for it to shut down at any time today.

If you have any questions about the process and how it affects you and your Karma Classic, we’re happy to chat. Just drop us a line.

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