Our last big update to the Karma Android app was adding usage graphs, bringing it in line with the iOS version. Now we're adding something special just for Android users: a widget! One glance at your home screen can let you know if you're connected to Karma, what your device's signal strength is, and even how much battery you have left. If going to the home screen is too much of a hassle, we've also added an icon to the notification bar (those three little dots on the top left) to let you know how good your Karma signal is at all times.

These features should let you keep you more informed, without necessitating opening the Karma app or pulling your device out of your bag. It's the little things in life. If you do bother to open the app, you'll notice you can now purchase more data from within the app using PayPal, in addition to existing options.

A big thanks to everyone who requested these features. If you have something you'd like us to add or change, or you'd simply like to express your gratitude for widgets, you can always find Klaas Pieter, our mobile developer, on Twitter.

New Android widget!New Android widget!

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