Everyday, you need to get places. To work, the airport, or even just downtown. Let’s think about your options.

Subway? Not bad. Taxi? Uncomfortable. Bus? Crowded.

Those are the standard options that come to mind. But wait, look at you! You’re a busy person that needs to stay productive throughout the day. You’ve got work to do. You need WiFi.

Karma and GroundlinkKarma and Groundlink

That’s why we’ve partnered with GroundLink, the next generation car service, to offer Karma WiFi in their fleet of black cars in New York City. As you know, we’re all about keeping you connected everywhere you go, and this is just one more way Karma makes travel easier.

In celebration, we’re offering you a 10 percent discount off any ride with GroundLink using promo code KARMA10. Not in New York? You can still use the discount with any ride nationwide. (Stay tuned - we're looking to roll out Karma to more cities soon!)

So the next time you’re looking to travel within NYC or to the airport, and have that to-do list knocking at the door, grab a ride with GroundLink and stay on top of the game. So go on, get moving. What are you waiting for?

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