The future is here, right? As Google Glass is currently being dished out to those in the exclusive “Explorer Program,” all of us normal people are waiting to hear the first real world reviews. Will it live up to the hype? How does it hold up in the real world? Do you feel silly with Glass on your face? Do people stare at you?

Anyway, while Glass is a huge technological advancement in the consumer electronic world, one thing that should be noted is that the way it connects to the internet is still limited. Among the short list of options are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Let’s remember, there is currently no 4G connection available on Glass yet.

Photo credit: Shivian MorganPhoto credit: Shivian Morgan

So as members of this program scrambled for their best option to get Glass connected, two brilliant individuals already knew exactly how they would handle their situation. Can you guess how? That’s right! Karma + Glass.

We worked with two longtime Karma users, Matt Karolian and Shivian Morgan, to help them get connected so they can finally use Glass to its fullest potential. Let’s hear what they have to say:

Does it feel like the future to you?


“Google Glass is interesting because it is clear that the idea holds so much promise, but the execution of that idea still needs a lot of work. Technology like Glass, to me at least, is very clearly the future. “


“When I finally opened my Glass at the LA headquarters a few weeks ago I nearly cried I was so overwhelmed. It really did feel like I was entering a brave new world that was so new and different in so many ways. I had no words to describe the experience... and to be honest, I still don't!”

Did you always plan to use Karma as your source of internet?


“When I first read about the connectivity requirements, I knew that I'd want to use my Karma as I did not want to add an additional tethering option to my cell phone plan.”


“I had absolutely hoped that Karma would be one of my primary sources for out-of-the-house Wi-Fi for my Glass. I even emailed Karma after I found out that I had been accepted into the Glass Explorer program. Compared to Bluetooth tethering (via my phone), this is absolutely a better solution, both financially and functionally.”

Photo credit: Matt KarolianPhoto credit: Matt Karolian

How has your experience with Karma + Glass been?


“So far so good! Once I was able to get the two devices to work together, I've not had a single problem. I'd love it if Google would open up the program for more people. It would be a great incentive for developers to work towards bringing awesome apps to the platform.”


“Flawless. All I have to do is power on the Karma. Once it's connected to 4G, my Glass has Wi-Fi and I'm ready to go! I can drop the Karma into my bag in a set-it-and-forget-it moment. Glass is absolutely a revolutionary device that is really as game-changing as the first true touchscreen smartphones were. This isn't just about the hardware, or the software, but the experience. I know that sounds cheesy, but the experience with Glass is so different than that of a phone, smart-watch, or other device.”

Are you looking to hook up your Karma to Glass? Reach out to us!

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