A few weeks back, we unveiled our new login process. Since then, we’ve been receiving some great feedback from our community. We only considered it to be step one though. Today, we’re taking the next step!

We’ve now loosened the barrier to entry and are allowing guests to log into a Karma hotspot with just their email address and a password. By making it all around easier for people to connect to Karma, hotspot owners will have the opportunity to earn even more free data than ever before.

Along with this new guest signup, we’ve also redesigned our login page. We made it even simpler, better looking, and more informative. Now, when guests are first introduced to Karma, they will feel even more welcome and encouraged to connect. You’ll notice we also added a small like-button after the login page as well, giving guests the opportunity to earn an additional 25MB and keep in touch with Karma on Facebook.

Karma sign upKarma sign up

So if someone connects to a hotspot and doesn’t want to use Facebook, no problem! They now have other options. And if you’re an existing Karma customer that uses Facebook, you can also add an email login option to your account by requesting a password.

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