Since launching a few months ago, we’ve been constantly listening to what you have to say. One big thing was to have the option to join Karma with something other than Facebook. After all, social networks aren’t for everybody and we understand that.

So in order to give our community better access, we needed to start from the beginning. Today, we’re taking the first step in bringing Karma Accounts to life.

For starters, we’ve updated our Buy and Log In process. New customers now have the option to purchase Karma using an email and password combination. We’ve heard a lot of feedback regarding additional ways to sign up, so we felt this was a crucial next step. After a purchase is made, users will be prompted to create their very own Karma Account. You simply choose to connect with Facebook or use your email and set a password. Easy right?

Karma log inKarma log in

Guests connecting to your Karma Wi-Fi are still required to login with their Facebook, for now. Soon, this will change and we will allow guests to use an email login too. And current Karma users? They’ll be able to set up an email and password log in alongside their Facebook one, if they want to.

Enjoy your Karma, now with 50 percent more log in options!

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