February is almost over. Spring is right around the corner. But, while the winter may be slowing down (hopefully), we’re only speeding up at Karma. Kicking it into gear here.

Let’s talk about apps. Many of you use our iOS app on a daily basis. We’ve heard great things and great stories of how it improves your interactions with Karma. Now, if you haven’t noticed, we’ve recently updated our app to include push notifications, something you have been asking for since, well, since the app launched.

With these, you can choose to be notified:

  • when your battery is low
  • when someone connects to your Karma
  • when you’re almost out of data

Also, you can choose how you receive these notifications, whether by push, email, or both!

With this recent update, we hope to bring you even closer to your Karma and how you interact with it. We’re on a journey to find the perfect WiFi experience. We're the Lewis and Clark of the internet. Be sure to download the app if you haven't yet.

Oh! You’re still reading? Well there is something else we are excited about. Our Android app! That’s right. The iPhone app you know and love will soon be on its way to the Android platform.

We know this will be putting a smile on many of your faces. Especially those who have been waiting for several months. It’s almost here, really. It’s oh so close. As Axl Rose once said, “All we need is just a little patience.” (Where is that guy anyway?) In the meantime, you can email us for beta access if you're interested.

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