We've made some changes to our service since this post was published and we no longer offer Neverstop. Head here to read all about our new plan, Pulse.

Our mission has always been to get all your devices connected in the most straightforward way possible. When we first launched, the best way to do that was to offer pay-as-you-go data. It was simple: pay only for what you use, keep what you don’t use, no contracts, no fine print. That’s it.

The goal is to keep you connected without having to stop and think about how much data you’ve used.

Over the past three years we’ve seen your data usage increase as Karma has become a more and more constant part of everyday life. In addition to being dead-simple to use, we also want to put even more control in your hands. Starting today, we’re giving you a new worry-free option to pay for your internet that lives in perfect harmony next to our pay-as-you-go plan. It's called Neverstop.

With Neverstop, you pay $50 per month for all the internet you want. If you’re a frequent Karma surfer, you no longer have to worry about topping off your data when you run out. The goal is to keep you connected without having to stop and think about how much data you’ve used. The most exciting part: we'll start to roll out Neverstop as a payment plan to existing Karma Go customers next week in an update to our mobile apps.

As for pay-as-you-go, it’s not going anywhere. In fact, nothing about the pay-as-you-go option changes at all, except the name. We now call it Refuel. You can stick with Refuel and switch to Neverstop anytime. Or start out using Neverstop, and switch back to Refuel whenever you want. It’s easy, since there are no contracts or strings attached.

There are no data caps on Neverstop. Instead, your upload and download speeds will max out at 5Mbps, which is enough to do just about anything online, including streaming music and video. While downloading large files will go more slowly than you're used to on Refuel, 5Mbps will give you a good enough connection for 99% of your internet tasks.

On Neverstop, you can use three personal devices at a time with your account. When you add a fourth device, you can choose another device to pause. You can always resume using it again later.

If you decide you want to cancel your Neverstop subscription, you can do so at any time from the Karma app on iOS and Android. You’ll stay on Neverstop until the end of your most recent payment period, and then you’ll automatically switch back to pay-as-you-go. There’s no contract holding you back.

Who’s it for?

Pablo is the ultimate cord-cutter.

Neverstop was built for the road warriors, mobile workers, and people like Pablo who need a constant connection. Freelancers who mostly work outside of a traditional office will now have a way to stay seamlessly connected at every coffee shop and coworking space. Frequent business travelers no longer have to ask, “Does this hotel have WiFi?”. And if you’re trying to ditch your cell phone plan and go into airplane mode full-time, Neverstop is perfect for you.

What happens to sharing?

Sharing is a huge part of our DNA, and it’s not going anywhere. When you’re using Refuel, you’ll still get 100MB of data for free any time someone hops onto your connection. They’ll get 100MB to start, too.

With Neverstop, you’ll get a $1 credit any time someone uses your connection, and that credit will be taken off your next monthly Neverstop charge. Even if you switch back to Refuel, the credit stays on your account to use for whatever you want (like buying data, or buying an extra Karma Go for a friend). Your guest still grabs 100MB.

Can I ditch my home internet provider?

Neverstop isn’t meant to be a replacement for your home internet (yet). It’s a way to have internet anywhere, anytime. Speeds on Neverstop aren’t fast enough to be comparable to a wired home internet connection. It’s not practical for most people to use Neverstop as their only internet connection, but if you’re a light user and looking to cut down on costs, you’re welcome to give it a try. Lots of us at the Karma office are already using it as a replacement for a phone plan. Who needs minutes and texts these days?

Is this unlimited data?

Yes and no. Yes, you can use all the data you want. But no, it’s not truly unlimited, because we cap upload and download speeds to ensure network reliability as we grow. Unlimited plans are surrounded by asterisks, contracts, and hidden fees. That’s exactly what we’re changing today. We are upfront about what this $50 a month gets you: no caps on the amount of data you use at 5Mbps.

We are upfront about what $50 a month gets you: no caps on the amount of data you use at 5Mbps.

How do I get it?

Neverstop will be available in our Android and iOS apps within the next few days. We’ve been testing those app updates for weeks, and we’ll roll them out in the upcoming week. From then on, your Karma account can be fully managed from the apps, from billing, to switching between Neverstop and Refuel. We recommend downloading the Karma app now if you don’t already have it, so updating will be quick and easy next week. We'll send you a personal invite via email when Neverstop is available for you.

If you don’t own a Karma Go yet you can select Neverstop as a payment plan during checkout when you buy your device on our site.

We believe a good subscription service takes away limitations and is transparent about its service. That’s what we’ve built with Neverstop.

We founded Karma in 2012 because we were tired of large, faceless companies ruling over the way we got online. We know you’re probably thinking, “Haven’t you guys always been against subscriptions?” We’re not anti-subscription. We’re against crappy subscriptions, ones that take advantage of people through clauses buried in the terms and conditions and misleading advertising. We believe a good subscription service takes away limitations and is transparent about its service. That’s what we’ve built with Neverstop.

Neverstop is our next big step toward keeping you connected everywhere, all the time. But it’s also about giving you the choice—you pay how you want, when you want. We think a lot of people are going to be very happy with this new plan, and we can’t wait to roll it out to you next week.

Note: As of 1/7/16, we began running tests to optimize Neverstop service, including lowering speeds. Our engineers are working hard to find the right balance of always accessible worry-free internet, at a fair price, so you'll likely see speeds change over the next few days while we try to fine-tune that balance. We'll update everyone when we have more concrete changes to report.

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