With the incredible reception we've received over the past few months, we're excited to announce that today our users have managed to give away over 1,000 gigabytes of free data and earn on average over 500 megabytes per month – we’re blown away. You are awesome!

Clearly, cash is no longer king… data is. That's why in creating our new pricing, we've decided to focus on making data more important and more available. Now, we make it possible for you to receive a Karma Wi-Fi hotspot, completely for FREE!

Go ahead, check out Karma Packs. With this new setup, you can choose to pay less for the hotspot itself by purchasing more data upfront. And as we’ve seen with our current users, this can be quite useful down the line.

Remember, with Karma your data never expires and can be used on any Karma Wi-Fi, nationwide. And as always, you can continue to earn unlimited free data simply by sharing your connection with others. Go nuts!

We hope to have many more of you join the Karma community and always stay connected… the easy way.

Enjoy Karma Packs!

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