Introducing KarmaXCreativity, a new series at Karma where we showcase creatives doing amazing things both on and off the internet. First up is Robert Natale, a singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer/composer (the list goes on) from Brooklyn, NY. He's scored music for fashion shows and played shows from coast to coast. This week, we gave Mr. Natale free reign over our Instagram account to show us his creative inspirations, which include, but are not limited to, fluffy cats, eggs sunny-side up, and fresh-cut Christmas trees. Want to know more? You're in the right place. We sat down and talked to Mr. Natale to find out more about his current projects, plus what he absolutely can't live without.

What are you currently working on creatively?

So many things! I'm writing and recording an EP with an incredible producer and engineer, which I'll release mid-2015. I'm producing a wildly talented female vocalist/songwriter from Brooklyn. I'm editing a music video. I'm scoring the music for a short film. I'm building a home studio. I drink a lot of coffee.

What are your favorite tools online (apps, software, services) for getting stuff done?

I'm always recording silly sounds and noises, and they take up a ton of disk space, so I rely heavily on Dropbox/Google Drive for file hosting and sharing on the go. I'm also completely addicted to photo-editing in VSCOcam.

What inspires you?

Architecture! In every meaning of the word. The architecture of a written sentence or song-form. The architecture of a grand piano, or a massive concert hall. The architecture of a meticulously-prepared plate of food. I'm crying. Someone grab me a tissue.

You're handed a plane ticket good for one destination anywhere in the world. Where are you going?

To the restroom so I don't wet myself from the excitement. And then to Tokyo.

Robert NataleRobert Natale

Fill in the blank.

I can't live without leather loafers. (I hope that's not terrible. I freakin' love nice shoes.)

The thing I look forward to most every day is waking up before my alarm and going back to sleep.

I can't stand it when I wake up one minute before my alarm.

If the Internet stopped working, I would reset my router. Or find a remote cabin and hibernate.

You can reach Mr. Natale at his website,

Twitter @therobertnatale

Instagram @robertnatale

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