Today marks the start of our Karma 101 blog series. Over the next month, we'll fill you in with how-to's and helpful tips to get the most out of your new Karma Go. Keep an eye out for a new post every day as we get ready to start shipping Go to your doorstep.

At Karma, our goal has always been to get you online and get out of the way. There are a lot of mobile WiFi gadgets out there, but we’re more than a company that makes gadgets. We aim to give you service that’s as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible, with user-friendly software and intuitive design, so that once you slip Karma into your pocket, you barely know it’s there. It just works.

There’s no reason why setting up WiFi in 2015 should look like this. Lots of WiFi hotspots still require you to open up your device and write down the SSID (that’s the WiFi signal name) and password hidden under the battery cover so that you can activate it. Really.

We built software that allows you to activate your Karma from pretty much any device in seconds.

We built software that allows you to activate your Karma from pretty much any device in seconds using your own Karma account. Since data is tied to your account and not to your device, that also means you can easily log into a friend’s Karma from anywhere without a hassle.

Many WiFi devices also include a supposedly helpful built-in display. We designed Karma Go without one because there’s just no reason to have a display on your WiFi device—that’s just more time spent fiddling and figuring out what it all means. That’s why we have mobile apps for iOS and Android to manage your usage. Go has a charging port, a power button, and some indicator lights. That’s it.

We’ve made a few changes to our software for Karma Go, taking a combination of customer feedback and the expertise of our designers to make the sign-in process painless. Our login screen is even simpler now, and it’s just a small part of the experience of using Karma.

Take a sneak peek at our new flow for getting online.

Setting up a device is as simple as turning it on, choosing ‘Karma WiFi’ from your list of available networks, and signing in with your Karma username and password using this login page. Karma Go will take a few seconds to connect...

...And that’s it. You’re online. Pretty easy, right? You’ll only see one screen to log in, and once you’re online, you can add data and track usage, or just head to your intended destination online.

For a more detailed look at what the setup process looks like, you can check out our handy one-page guide. We’re excited to share these improvements with you in anticipation of Karma Go, and we’ll keep making updates along the way based on your feedback.

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